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Every Road Not Taken Still Leads Home

When we stress about big decisions, it's because we’re forgetting the one ingredient that makes sure no matter what road we take, we end up where we need to be.

This is the thing: you may not take every road. There may be many roads not taken. But that doesn't mean that you don't wind up as you. Lynn Harrison

Has this happened to you?

You come to a place in life where you feel you’re at a crossroads.

Where you’re presented with a distinctive choice. Go this way or that. Choose this or that.

And you know. You can feel it in your gut. It'll change the direction of your life.

It’s scary. And also thrilling.

Like you’re approaching something sacred and you can feel the power of it even before you get there.

I had a conversation with a friend about this once.

He was musing on how to recognize these moments. To make sure you notice them and give them your undivided attention – so you make the right choice.

Because moments like these feel high stakes, don’t they?

Like this one, single opportunity to make the “right” choice will determine your life moving forward forever.

Feel the stress in that?

It’s enough to stop you in your tracks. To paralyze you from making any decision at all.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Those moments don’t have to be filled with stress and worry over getting it “right” or making the “wrong” choice.

Because we’re forgetting the one ingredient that makes sure no matter what road we take, we end up where we need to be.

The ingredient Lynn Harrison so wisely reminds us of in her interview this week.

That you’re you.

No decision you make. No path you take will change that.

So no matter what direction you go in – as Lynn puts it – you’ll always end up home. Back with yourself.

Doesn’t that change everything?

Because when you see those crossroads moments in this way, you start to realize something else.

They don’t always come with blazing lights and big flashes – in “come to Damascus” moments, as Lynn says.

When you look back on your life, you realize these moments are often subtle. Sometimes everyday things that have a big impact on your life.

Taking a class.

Driving down a different road.

Typing a certain combination of words into Google.

All these everyday things can become life-changing moments.

You didn't know from the outset. But they still led to something meaningful.

A lesson you need to learn. An idea you would never have had. A person you would never have met.

In other words, they brought you to where you are now. To where, perhaps, you were meant to be.

Why? How did it happen?

Because the most important ingredient was present with you in that moment . Even if you didn’t notice.

You were there. You made the decision.

And as Lynn says – no decision changes that.

So ultimately, you led yourself where you needed to go – for that moment in time.

So making the right decision – whether a big one in blazing lights, or a small, everyday one – isn’t so much about making the “right” or “wrong” choice.

It’s about remembering that no matter what path you take, it’s the right one.

Because you chose it.

And as the title of Lynn’s still-to-be-written song reminds us – every road not taken still leads home.

Can’t wait to hear to rest of it! If it’s a road she chooses to take…


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