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Keeping Faith Podcast logo backlit with moths and surrounded by plants and flowers

Keeping Faith Trailer

Meaningful conversations with millennials about faith, hope and what – from God to Google – they put their trust in, in an uncertain world.

Keeping Faith Podcast Special Message on yellow textured background

Special Message

We started working on this podcast last fall. Since then, the world's changed. Here's what it means for Keeping Faith.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 1 with Jen Loughran on light pink textured background

It's about shared values over shared beliefs.

When Jen Loughran told her Protestant husband she wanted to raise their future kids Catholic, she knew there’d be conflict. But what she worried might draw them apart, brought them closer together.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 2 with James Hampton on peach textured background

Even an atheist can find a higher power.

When James Hampton stepped into his first AA meeting as an atheist, being asked to find a higher power didn’t come naturally. But he soon discovered an incredible sense of calm in giving over his fears and doubts to something greater than himself.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 3 with Leah Nielsen on light green textured background

I bashed my brains in and I'm grateful for it.

When a wake boarding accident left Leah Nielsen unable to read, walk straight or use a computer, she knew her life would never be the same. But that turned out to be a blessing.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 4 with Rachel Hearn on dark green textured background

I left my religion and found my faith.

Rachel Hearn was a devout Christian when a high school history class led her down a path of spiritual questioning and away from her Christian faith. But instead of disappearing from her life, faith and spirituality became more important to her than ever.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 5 with Megan Bjella on yellow textured background

Now is ok, even when I'm not.

While recovering from an eating disorder in the hospital, Megan Bjella stumbled upon the contemplative practices of mindfulness, meditation and yoga – which changed the course of her life.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 6 with Kate Werneburg on light pink textured background

I changed faiths. It was a questions of integrity.

When Kate Werneburg decided to convert from Catholic to Anglican in her early 20s, for her it was a question of integrity. And this pursuit of integrity has become central to her entire life.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 7 with Rachael Simpson on peach textured background

Writing is my spiritual


When Rachael Simpson left her family farm for life in the big city, she knew she needed to recapture that feeling of home. So she turned to the spiritual practice she’s had faith in her entire life – writing.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 8 with Dave Photiadis on light green textured background

Absolute truth doesn't exist and I'm ok with it.

After growing up in his mother’s radical faith tradition, Dave Photiadis left home on a mission to uncover the truth about life, faith and how the universe worked. But as he began building new relationships and exploring faith on his own, he realized absolute truth may not exist at all.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 9 with Rev. Lynn Harrison on dark green textured background

We're here now. That's what I put faith in.

After years of frustration with her music career, Lynn Harrison took a step back. She became a Unitarian Universalist minister at First Unitarian Toronto, figuring her music would fade into the background. But as she’s learned throughout her life, it’s in our moments of doubt that we learn we’re on the right path.

Keeping Faith Podcast Episode 10 with Mairin Smit on yellow textured background

We're all deeply spiritual.

For our last episode of this season, we’re doing something a little different. I’m sliding into the guest seat to talk about my personal journey with faith, hope and how exploring spirituality has changed my life. And who better to hop into the interview chair than our Episode 8 guest, my husband, Dave Photiadis.

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