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Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Trailer with leaves and moths on dark blue textured background

Season Two Trailer

What if your greatest spiritual teacher was the person sitting next to you? All you had to do was ask them their story. That's exactly what we're doing on this season of Keeping Faith. 

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 1 with Ian Aley & Megan Bjella standing in a field

Sitting With Discomfort, Together

When Ian Aley & Megan Bjella found out they were expecting a child the week that COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, they knew this journey to parenthood would be different than anything they had planned. But there was a time not too long ago when they struggled to agree on whether to become parents at all. 

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 2 with Kayla Rao standing on a porch

Finding My Place, Anywhere

Kayla Rao grew up all over the world as the daughter of Canadian diplomats. And while they never explicitly talked about faith as a family, lessons on morality, hope and empathy were everywhere. 

But when Kayla's father unexpectedly passed away when she was in her early 20s, she began searching for a sense of stability and meaning she never craved before.

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 3 with Jessica Rose in striped tank top, standing in front of white wall

Listening In The Chaos

When Jessica Rose left for L.A. two years ago to pursue her acting dreams, all signs pointed to it being a life-changing move. But soon after arriving, Jessica's life fell apart and she found herself alone - with no job, nowhere to live and no one to lean on. But instead of running from the chaos, Jessica decided to sit in the middle of it. To dig deep and ask what it had to teach her. And that turned out to be the most life-changing move of all.

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Live Episode with leaves and moths on dark blue textured background

Live: How To Read The News, Mindfully

With all eyes on US election this week, we know that the news cycle's been tense and overwhelming. 

So to help you find some calm in the chaos, we're talking about how to approach the news mindfully. 


Replay: This epsiode originally aired live on Thursday, November 5, 2020

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 5 with Talia Chernow standing in lake

A Hundred Percent Of More Than One Thing

Talia Chernow grew up between worlds - being raised Jewish by her father, and attending Unitarian Universalist services and Pagan rituals with her mother. And now, she's  figuring out how to make it all fit as she adds one more tradition to the mix - as she shares her life with an atheist, raised Muslim.

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 6 with Alkarim Versi in plaid shirt, sitting on patio

Finding My Ground

Alkarim Versi grew up loving urban life in Nairobi, Kenya. 

But it wasn't until he ventured outside the city and into the natural world, that the deepest parts of him truly came to life. And since then, he's learned to lean on this connection to help him find his ground, no matter where he finds his feet.

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 7 with Rev. Danielle Webber in purple robe, standing by piano and watering can filled with flowers

Part Of A Legacy

Danielle Webber grew up struggling to explain her Unitarian Universalist faith to her friends. 

Because while she went to church on weekends, services began with the lighting of a chalice and included Buddhist meditations and modern poetry more frequently than stories about Jesus. 

So as an adult, when she began looking for a career to bring together all of who she is, she saw it as an opportunity dig deeper into the complex faith she's held dear all her life - going to seminary to become a Unitarian minister.

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 8 with Luke LaRocque with two kids, in snow

Defying Labels

Growing up with a scientist father in one of Toronto's most culturally diverse neighbourhoods, Luke LaRocque's life looked different than what you'd expect of a "traditional" Christian upbringing. So it wasn't a surprise when in college he began to question whether the term "Christian" even fit him at all. But after years of searching, he came to realize that what really mattered was whether that faith felt true to him

- regardless of if he fit the label perfectly. 

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 9 with Stephen Scharper in brown blazer, on light grey background

Living In Love With The Universe

When Stephen Scharper saw his childhood nature area bulldozed to make way for a new rec centre, he felt a spark alight within him. It was a deep understanding that the health of natural world is a direct reflection of the health our societies. And that in order to save one, we have to fight for the health of both. And this  belief has driven his curiosity about the cosmic connection between us and the natural world in every aspect of his life. 

Keeping Faith Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 10, Holiday Special with Kate, Luke and Dave on dark blue background with snowflakeswith in brown blazer, on light grey background

Holiday Special:

Light In The Darkness

For the last epsiode of Season 2, we're bringing you some light in the darkness of a challenging year on our Keeping Faith Holiday Special. We're catching up with Kate Werneburg, Luke LaRocque and Dave Photiadis from episodes past to hear what's bringing them joy, connection and yes, even faith in this holiday season like no other. 

Keeping Faith Podcast yellow textured background

What's next?

We'll be back in the new year with more info on what's coming up next for Keeping Faith...

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